Serving is one super easy way to be happy and to bring happiness to others.

We don’t have to give money or material items in way of giving, we can serve by giving time. What kind of world would we live in if we taught children to serve others from a young age.

What child would not benefit from serving others?

Teaching children to serve by giving time will form a service minded habit from a young age.

Benefits of service for children:

  • Powerful bonding with family
  • Feels great
  • Develop compassion
  • Learn new skills and improve existing skills
  • Helps emotional development
  • Seen as a valued member of the community
  • Develops socialising and communications skills
  • Responsibility
  • Leadership
  • Respect
  • Friendships

I would say around 4 years ago I realised that sitting on the couch watching TV is not adding value to me or anyone else.

This was when I decided it was time to trade couch time for service time.

So I decided I wanted to add value to people and serve. I became a volunteer for Fred’s Van.

We prepare and serve food for people who are close to or experiencing homelessness.

It is an awesome feeling to see many people be so grateful for your service and the meal they receive.

Do your children model what you do?

Indian father and sons reading newspaper

Children look up to their parents like no other.

 Use time to model service by volunteering or adding value to others in some way.

Trying to find somewhere to serve?

Check out the links below:

How else can we use our time?

Time can be used to:

  • Do acts of kindness
  • Reflecting on how grateful we are
  • Using time to do something fun with your children like cooking

I challenge you to serve someone this week. Whether it be small or big it does not matter. If you can carry out that service with a child, so they all so can experience the amazing feeling of serving.

Please share with the Generation G community what you and your family do to serve others by posting in the comments.

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